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Elevate your employee engagement, productivity, communication, and happiness in your workplace with Microsoft SharePoint

We develop Microsoft SharePoint intranets that help companies across all industries to improve overall productivity, and our goal is to simplify the way you work. Empower your people with an intranet web portal that makes it easy to contribute. Anyone can share information/articles, and everyone can comment, provide feedback.
Our Intranet Web Portal Methodology

We’ll work with you to provide your organization with a hub to increase productivity and efficiency! We will focus in particular:

  • Main goals of your intranet
  • Analyzing and creating content
  • Look & feel of your intranet
  • Your company’s culture and values
  • The best technology to suit your needs

If you’re looking for something a little different, our Sharepoint Intranet Design and Development Services provide you with expert consultancy from our UX Designers, who will work with you and your team to design your very own, custom-designed and tailored intranet platform.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner combined with over 16 years of experience, we know technology plays a central role in connecting you with your customers and connecting your employees to each other. We use design thinking & agile methodologies to ensure next-generation tools tailored to your business needs. Focused on tackling your pain points & with the best easy-to-use interfaces for better user experience.

Let us know how we can help you to get the most value from technology investments while you improve performance in your business.


Our Microsoft SharePoint Services

Our services are all web-based, allowing for access from multiple devices. They are all also completely customizable by you to meet your business needs.

1. Intranet Strategy & Workshops
2. Custom Intranet Prototyping
3. Intranet Design, UX and usability
4. Intranet Development & Integrations
5. Intranet Content & Style Guide
6. Communication Strategy & Employee’s Adoption

If you have existing tools and platforms in your organization that need to work with your intranet, our consultants will support you to ensure everything comes together smoothly. We can help configure those all-important connections and troubleshoot any challenges.

Our portfolio includes Microsoft SharePoint corporate intranets for universities, manufacturing, retail, non-profit organizations and more.

Companies have an opportunity to raise the productivity of interaction by 20 to 25 % implementing Cloud Based and Collaboration Intranets.