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Mentoring program and certification plans

Why? Simple, we believe that the decisions about where you spend your personal time, energy and talent are the ones that end up shaping your life’s long-term strategy; and we are always looking for people that have personal goals and a life purpose, without a purpose life can be empty. I know that it might be difficult for some people to even think about what they want to eat for lunch tomorrow; however, taking time from your busy and hectic life to write down your life’s mission and purpose, your goals, and the to-do list is one of the most important activities one can achieve.

The allocation of choices we make can lead our lives to be very different from what we intended when we graduated; it can be an amazing experience or it can be a waste of resources and year of our lives.

That is one of the main reasons why at Definity First we have as a formal and mandatory plan for all our associates the Mentorship Program; to have the opportunity of being paired up with other people that might have more experience in other areas different than yours or that are experts in the same area as you is a priceless chance to be given the opportunity to develop and grow and also to help you and guide you to make that plan or write down those goals you want them to happen.

So, are you ready to give your everyday choices the importance they require?

It is not about learning only from the people “you think” are smarter than you, it is about looking at each other and finding something new and learn, grow and when you have finally reached a higher ladder, help the ones just coming up behind you. That is our culture and the main reason why our Mentorship Program exists.

Our mentors are experts in their own field of work but more than that, they are here to help give some guidance and lend an ear to everyone that decides to take the challenge of joining us.