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This is what our team members think about Definity First

Victor Plasencia
Cloud Services Delivery Manager

I have been working at Definity First for three years. What I like the most about working here is that, as employees, we are free to express our opinions. They care about us, not only professionally, but at a personal level too.

We have internal programs that help us with our wellbeing. From my perspective, these programs give us a lot of benefits because they help us balance our health, lifestyle and work life. Feeling good motivates us to do our best while performing our job without forgetting about our health and wellness.

Definity First challenges an motivates us to grow and be better day by day. I arrived here assigned to a certain project using a specific technology, but I expressed my desire to grow and learn from other technologies and abilities. They listened to me and I’m really happy right now because I grew a lot as a professional.

I have 10 years of experience, but I can say that there’s a before and an after in my career since I started working in Definity First. I love my work, my colleagues and the environment that surrounds me. I hope to stay here for more and more years.

Mayra Garza
QA Engineer

Mayra is also an outstanding member of the Definity First team, and her determination and dedication have characterized the projects that she has worked on. Plus, she is an excellent mother and has managed to balance her personal and work life. She demonstrates every day that such a difficult balance is possible for anybody.

“The software industry is proof of how women have a lot of opportunities to grow professionally. It is also an arena where women have proven how capable and clever they are. A woman in the technology industry is confident about herself, has great negotiation abilities, loves challenges and is not afraid to express her ideas,” she added.

What Mayra finds amazing about women in the industry is how brave and fearless they are, how they are always seeking to improve professionally, and how they always look for a win-win situation on everything they do. “Don’t be afraid, trust yourself. We have everything we need to climb to the top,” she said. This is the message from the awesome QA Engineer to all women out there.

Isaac Cabrera
Digital Marketing Designer

Isaac Cabrera started as a Human Capital intern at Definity First. After six moths he got to know a little from another areas in the company, and marketing got his attention. Managers and team members saw a lot of talent in him and decided to hire him as a Digital Marketing Designer.

“Honestly, I have to say it, Definity First is the best place to work, to be and to succeed. People are cool, fun and creative. Don’t wait anymore, apply for some job positions”.