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Angular JS vs ASP .NET MVC: an interesting theme to discuss

First, not every website has to be an SPA, and therefore, doesn’t need to be built with AngularJS. Yes, I’ll agree there’s a tendency towards building websites as SPAs. However, think about administrative websites which are not very interactive, like an ERP. In my previous project, I worked with a medical laboratory administrative website, which was not using AngularJS and it worked fine. It fulfilled the requirements and companies bought the product.ularJS.

There was no need for AngularJS. Now consider the opposite case, which could be your typical pizza ordering website, where you build your own pizza and pick the toppings. This type of website fits the SPA architecture, and AngularJS is a good fit.

Moreover, consider that AngularJS has a learning curve, and I’ve seen some .NET developers struggle with AngularJS. This is something to think about if you are planning to implement AngularJS in your next project. More specifically, make sure the team is trained correctly if you’re going to use this technology.

AngularJS gives you controllers, modules, directives, templates and much more

Finally, I’m not saying I’m against JavaScript code. Every website needs some amount of JavaScript code. My main point is that you don’t always need to implement a JavaScript framework to organize your JavaScript code. In some cases, smaller and simpler libraries could get the job done, like Knockout.