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Finding the right CRM solution for your company is a really important duty. There is a variety of options out there in the market, but after reading this article you are going to be convinced to choose the leading Customer Relationship Management platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Are you ready to supercharge your sales productivity?

Check out these simple reasons to get started with this amazing software application:


1. Unmatched productivity

Unlike other CRM software applications, Microsoft Dynamics CRM adds value to the sales process with a fully integrated, multi-process Sales Productivity Solution. Therefore, it is easier to manage and analyze sales-lead and customer information accurately and seamlessly from all company data sources.


2. Insight for everyone

Microsoft continues to be the leader in self-service BI optimized for end users to access and analyze data. As a result, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the best analytics with inline insights to manage forecasts, opportunities, and relationships, customize datasets, produce live reports and generate data visualizations.

Only with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can connect people to the information and insight that helps personalize every customer interaction, refine relationships, and win sales.

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM is your best option

3. High value

Most of CRM software applications do not offer mixed licensing or any service level agreement, and they usually charge extra for add-on features. But, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is different and offers the highest value you can find with no extra charges and missing functionality.

This software application offers hybrid cloud power and flexibility with powerful data analysis. It delivers more capabilities and lowers TCO than other CRM software applications.

So don’t think it twice and go for Microsoft Dynamics CRM! Let Definity First, the leading nearshore provider in the Microsoft ecosystem, help you with the deployment and development.
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What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management, often called CRM, is a business solution that helps companies improve marketing, sales, and service engagement with their customers to drive organizational efficiency while helping to improve customer experience. CRM solutions can deliver Return On Investment (ROI) through marketing automation, customer service, and sales force automation.