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Vitro’s web design/development & cloud platform app development.

Vitro, is the leading glass manufacturer in Mexico, providing services at a global level.

Vitro was experiencing a new business phase which meant to do strategic changes. One of these strategic changes was to renew and update their public website.

Vitro’s website was difficult to maintain; therefore, it had broken links and outdated information. The site was regularly down, and when this happened, it was always challenging to get it back to work. From the design and User Experience point of view, Vitro’s website was falling behind the technology curve, it was not user-friendly, the information structure was not clear enough for the users, and it needed an urgent refresh.

The glass manufacturing market is in constant change, just imagine you constantly have news to announce and instead of having it right away on the site, it took days and even weeks for the information to be published. By then, the information did not have any newsworthiness, and this represented a disadvantage in Vitro.

This struggle came to an end when Definity First came across and started to act. The main character in this project was Microsoft Azure; this technology made it possible to have the versatility and capacity Vitro needed for this new website. Definity First built a top-notch website with the management facilities Microsoft Azure provides.

The design took a drastic yet interesting and necessary change, Definity First’s creative team worked closely with Vitro to design a website parallel to Vitro’s corporate image and needs. Vitro’s new business phase is now complete, and our client is ready to conquer the World Wide Web.

Vitro benefitted hugely with this new and enhanced Azure website. It is now easier to perform the site maintenance and to do upgrades too, Vitro now expends 70% less time in doing these activities. All upgrades and information are now up on the website within minutes instead of waiting weeks for information to be uploaded, making this process 60% more efficient compared to the previous version of the website.

This site has two versions, one in English and one in Spanish allowing Vito to target 80% more of its market. The enhanced User Experience and design also help Vitro to offer a user-friendly website and reach 70% more visits.

Overall, Vitro’s new website has a 90% functionality improvement, and they are now very confident of their website, which has become a useful tool, and it’s not a struggle anymore.

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