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Improve overall aesthetic & user experience and to make the site more engaging

Sally Beauty is a global distributor and retailer of professional beauty products. It sells and distributes products throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Chile, France, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Netherlands, Spain, and Germany. Sally Beauty wanted to create a modern version of its website for Mexico to increase web presence and showcase all its products.

Sally Beauty wanted to create a uniform design and image for all its websites, and its IT department worked with Definity First in creating an improved website for Mexico. The goal was to show Sally Beauty’s product variety without breaking the consistent design.

The result was a colorful yet user-friendly website with an easy navigation interface. The new website shows detailed product descriptions to Sally Beauty’s customers. Definity First and Sally Beauty developed a makeover viewer, allowing users to virtually try the products by uploading their picture or using the virtual mannequin. The website has a promotion section and a fashion trend blog where Sally Beauty publishes news, videos and fashion articles. There is also a store locator where users can search for Sally Beauty’s stores by city, state, or address. The website offers a full mobile experience meeting users’ needs and providing more pleasant usability.

Sally Beauty’s collaboration with Definity First made possible to have a renewed website for Mexico. It is a fully-configurable website, managed according to Sally Beauty’s content needs. The website is the first step to Sally Beauty’s online store implementation because it shows detailed information about all products and leads to make a purchase decision. Sally Beauty’s online presence increased, and the company can now target a wider market.