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A software solution for the sales commissions tracking process

Blitz started with a problem to solve. Why is tracking commissions and incentivizing performance so complicated?

As technologists, we look at what drives employee behaviors, morale, operations, and sales to see how technology can augment success. We believe that the right tool can make any organization more effective, efficient and profitable.

Blitz adapts as your sales commission plan changes and your company evolves. Blitz can be built into multiple CRM, accounting and related software solutions. Show us the system you use, and we will configure Blitz for your business needs.

The software provides detailed reports and interactive dashboards. Your sales team will have confidence in the incentive plan knowing that they have full insights.

Sales, Finance, and HR can work together to define the business rules that govern incentive plans, and easily implement them with automated calculation processes.


Dynamic, Customized Commission Tracking

Insights & clarity drive action. Blitz delivers commission management visibility across your sales force to help you drive top-line revenue and keep employees focused on winning deals.

You can quickly configure and automatically calculate as many complementary incentive programs as you need to encourage just about any behavior or performance you.

– Transparency & Automation

– Maximize Sales Productivity

– Business Intelligence & Forecasting

– Attract & Retain Top Talent

– Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Get ahead, stay ahead with sales commission analytics to design and forecast better sales commissions plans and deep insight around pay for performance.

Sales Commission Tracking Software

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