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Innovative digital sales channel through a digitalization strategy

Primesport is the leader in providing direct access to the biggest sporting events on the planet, offering tickets, travel, hospitality, and VIP experiences for corporations, professional sports teams, and fans. They wanted to enhance their customer and sales experience through a solid technology strategy and digitalization platform.

PrimeSport and Definity First created the new digital web experience for online ticket sales to leapfrog PrimeSport’s sales platform. The new site adapts perfectly to the constant changes in the ticket sales market. Unlike existing systems, the tickets are now sent to the customers via email. Moreover, PrimeSport’s site allows selling tickets from the secondary markets and fans. This site also provides a mobile experience, creating an innovative and effective digital sales channel.

PrimeSport also promotes and sells tickets for different companies and events, and the site is crucial for this service. PrimeSport can quickly build white-labeled sites providing the same functionality as the main site using features developed by Definity First in the site. The management portal allows the customization of all characteristics according to the event requirements. Additionally, Definity First supports and helps manage infrastructure needs and application issues, helping to resolve them on time and effectively for PrimeSport and PrimeSport’s customers.

Thanks to this collaborative effort with Definity First, PrimeSport sales grew exponentially exceeding expectations, and the onboarding of new clients and business partners became easier and faster. PrimeSport’s complete transition to the digital market reduced packaging and messaging costs. Time-to-market is now the principal capability of PrimeSport’s online site.

Overall, any new functionalities or new features are completed quicker, opening the gates for greater business agility.