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Boosting social media to reach and engage with millennials.

One of the three principle philosophies of Nongshim is “sharing products with neighbors and pursuing happiness together.” This philosophy has been with Nongshim for the past 50 years, which is naturally rooted in its corporate culture. Definity First built the social media marketing strategy with this brand-promise as the defining our guiding principle.

Millennials are driven by trends, by tech, and influenced by what they discover via social media channels, Definity First utilized Facebook and Instagram to connect with the Nongshim audience.

How millennials interact with social media and what they like was one of the most important insights to develop a social media marketing campaign.

In addition to managing all social media channels for Nongshim USA, we integrated a successful influencers campaign on Instagram, which encourages their audience to interact with the brand that resulted in 10x engagement and 3x followers.

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