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Improving employee engagement is a key challenge for leadership

Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer, was looking for a tool capable of modernizing Home Depot’s internal communication management. Home Depot used very traditional means of communication like printed media or e-mail, but they started to look for a top-notch technological tool to go beyond collaboration. The goal was to have a social collaboration platform combined with corporate communication features suitable for effective communication among employees.

Home Depot decided to work with Definity First in creating Conectados, an Intranet and collaborative portal working as an internal social network. The technologies used in Conectados allow having events calendars, newsfeeds, blogs, discussion forums, document libraries, and knowledge Wikis.

Conectados is a customizable tool, and Home Depot’s communication department does not depend on the IT staff to change or post news. Home Depot and Definity First achieved to create a place where every department connects to each other and communication is standardized.

The intranet’s structure prevents information overlap, so that staff members work with only the files they actually need. Definity First and Home Depot built the perfect Intranet to boost collaboration among departments and working teams. Conectados decrease communication costs and e-mail reliance while increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. Also, brings all that effectiveness Home Depot was looking for.