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An interactive Android app to recognize strengths, abilities, and aspirations in teenagers

Gentera is the leading entrepreneurial group that works for financial inclusion in the underserved segment, with a presence in Mexico, Peru, and Guatemala. They aim to generate three types of value. Social value, creating inclusion opportunities to the largest number of people in the shortest time possible, sharing the benefits with the communities they operate in. Human value, trusting people and their ability to grow, improve and fulfill their growth. And, economic value, building innovating, efficient, and profitable commercial models that provide benefits to society.

Helping teenagers in the communities they work in, is part of Gentera’s mission. They wanted to help teenagers to fulfill their goals and aspirations through an innovative mobile app. The objective was to create an interactive vocational guidance platform, giving it a video game style.

The app was named Incluso, and it consists of a 4-hour personalized experience including three zones of entraining challenges. Users can watch and be part of interactive activities, videos, trivia, forums, and a social community to share interesting information with other users.

This app included a messaging feature with notifications and feedback messages according to the progress and performance of each user. The design, UX/UI, development, and architecture of Incluso was fully deployed by the Definity First team, working hand in hand with Gentera to fulfill all goals and expectations.

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