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DIR partnered with us and Caltech’s central IT team to achieve the goal of redesigning the staff intranet to improve its functionality and user experience.

Best-known for its dedication to advancing natural science and engineering,  Caltech (located in Pasadena, California) is often ranked as one of the world’s top-ten universities.

Caltech’s Office of Development and Institute Relations (DIR) is the centralized fundraising operation for the university and works to expand Caltech’s community of supporters while seeking financial resources to accelerate discovery and innovation to sustain Caltech’s scientific and educational excellence.

DIR has used an intranet built on Microsoft’s collaboration platform, SharePoint, as the main tool for communicating, sharing information, and collaborating among DIR colleagues. Originally launched in 2015, DIR’s intranet is named The Nucleus.

The word “nucleus” means a central part about which other parts are grouped or gathered, and reflects Caltech’s culture as a science-focused higher educational institution.

The Nucleus is used by everyone throughout DIR—from senior executives, to managers, to individual contributors. The team’s work encompasses the broadest definition of fundraising, engagement and outreach, alumni relations, public events, advancement communications, and business operations.

Caltech was currently undertaking an ambitious fundraising campaign which required constant communication and collaboration within DIR to be successful. This time of heightened fundraising activity requires an effective and accessible intranet te by DIR’s 127 team members from within the four offices on Caltech’s campus, as well as remotely throughout the world while on business travel.

DIR partnered with Definity First and Caltech’s central IT team to achieve the goal of redesigning the staff intranet to improve its functionality and the user experience.

The strategic objectives of the intranet’s redesign and improvement were:

  • Primary source of information about processes and people
  • Constantly evolving
  • Useful
  • Consistently accurate
  • A reliable source of information
  • Trusted

The results:

This redesign resulted on a new version of The Nucleus, and it seamlessly combines the aesthetics of an external website with the functionality of the SharePoint platform.

At Caltech, collaboration is a hallmark of the work undertaken by their faculty, students and researchers. No great scientific discovery has ever been found as the result of just one individual, and The Nucleus 2.0 empowers how they communicate, share and collaborate,  with a clean, contemporary, streamlined look and better functionality.