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“Eureka”, Berkeley’s HR focused intranet is not the typical platform, so we collaborated with their advancement office to work on some upgrades and enhancements.

Berkeley University is the place where the brightest minds from across the globe come together to explore, ask questions and improve the world. Is widely considered the best public university in the world, with a student body of more than 40,000.

Their advancement intranet site, Eureka is not the typical intranet you’ll expect on any other university. It’s a repository for information about how fundraising is done at California.

Eureka’s intranet is under the auspices of the University Development and Alumni Relations Department. The audience is considered to be the 1,000-plus people at the university who perform advancement tasks as some component of their job.

This secure intranet provides resources for the UC Berkeley advancement community including the policies and procedures that govern fundraising activities and the services provided by University Development and Alumni Relations.

The first month reported an intranet increase usage of 36% unique users in comparison to the 50% more hits over the previous year.

Definity First is specialized in the University Advancement departments, so, developing the Eureka in Microsoft’s SharePoint was the solution that fits the needs of Berkeley’s University.

To ensure they could measure the impact of the intranet, this vision statement was broken down into specific objectives:

  • Replace the current platform with a reliable, fit for purpose solution.
  • Make the information easy to find and improve the search experience.
  • Provide dynamic information on the current fundraising statistics, successes, opportunities, and other stories.
  • Support the onboarding of the new staff and the ongoing training of all campus staff and faculty on advancement processes.


The results:

Eureka’s launching was a great success! We accomplish to develop a knowledge-sharing environment that enables UC Berkeley advancement to achieve peak performance by strengthening the advancement community and the fundraising culture across campus.

Much of “Eureka’s” content was revamped to better inform users about job functions and tasks, and this enhanced intranet platform has a completely new onboarding section with better content design, improved functionality, and increased user adoption.