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Once you make the decision to move to the cloud, many logical people wonder what the next step is, and if you are ready tu make this upgrade, make sure to read this article…

If you’re moving to The Cloud, there are so many benefits that you need to know; greater business agility, innovation, and cost savings. 

There are also a lot of challenges, however, like establishing operational processes or cloud services. IT departments should look out to implement policies and processes to drive business growth without compromising the security, compliance, and governance of corporate data.

These are my tips to make a successful journey to the cloud: Catalog existing applications: This will help you to completely understand what, when, and how to assess and catalog the applications in your environment.

Define criteria for migrating or re-architecting your apps in the cloud: Set priorities based on business factors, architecture, as well as technical factors.

The business units involved in the cloud migration should help establish a priority listing.

Architect core infrastructure components for cloud integration

First, make sure your cloud platforms are sized to be secure and performant while under different load requirements. Then, define the identity and RBAC requirements for SaaS and Azure PaaS hybrid scenarios and secure them.

Acquire cloud development skills

It is important to develop competencies with cloud technologies and services. Your staff must have time to explore new technologies, and adequate training is needed.

Retool for adoption and change management

Reconsider your IT service management and disaster recovery practices. Think about how a given cloud service integrates with your existing in-house IT.

Take a systematic and disciplined approach to security, governance and compliance: 

One way to achieve secure environments is to Invest in core capabilities within your organization.

I know that the technological environment is constantly changing. That’s why you have to trust in a partner like Definity First to provide you with the resources and services to help bridge that gap. We are committed to getting you here: up in the cloud.

Magdalena Hernandez
Magdalena Hernandez More than 12 years of experience directing marketing and creative projects. A seasoned leader for global brand strategy and positioning across all digital platforms. I love Startups and Branding.
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