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On August 21st, Definity First was awarded during the Microsoft US FY16 Kick-Off with the FY15 Transformational Partner of The Year Award.

We’re proud to be recognized with this award. It certifies Definity First as a Microsoft US leader, an achievement every Microsoft Partner wants to have.

Winning like a rockstar with Microsoft

Definity First has proven total knowledge and excellence regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment and development.  This software firm experienced exponential growth this year, especially with clients using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This fact was the reason Definity First received this very prestigious award last Friday.

“This award is for partners who drive leading Microsoft Dynamics business results. Partners are acknowledged for driving exceptional levels of total revenue or increased customers while attaining year-over-year license revenue growth goals” said Marrietta Davis, Microsoft Dynamics US Vice President.

Microsoft’s Leading expert nearshore provider

Definity First keeps accumulating milestones, and with its professional staff has become one of the leading nearshore providers in the Microsoft ecosystem. 

About Definity First

Definity First is a Microsoft Gold Partner; this certifies excellence in Business Intelligence, Web Development, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sharepoint, Software development, Collaboration, and Data Management. The company maintains a team of engineers and creative and mobile experts ready to support your project needs as they have with clients such as Home Depot, Tesla, CareFusion, Citgo, and many more.

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