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Connecting travelers to the world’s best travel advisors through Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Virtuoso is a luxury travel network composed of the top travel agencies, travel providers, and destinations worldwide. Virtuoso comprises over 355 agencies from around the world, and about 9,000 travel agents. Virtuoso’s Technology Support department felt the need of updating its Customer Relationship Management system; the goal was to expand its use to all Virtuoso’s offices and give all the company full visibility of customers’ needs.

Virtuoso decided to work with Definity First on updating its CRM system. Definity First and Virtuoso migrated and customized the existing CRM system into Microsoft Dynamics CRM to achieve Virtuoso’s goals. LiveOps, a cloud-based contact center software with social customer service, was integrated into the CRM system. It allowed Virtuoso to track customers’ calls, control customer status, and create reports. All these features make the CRM system an ideal tool for managing Virtuoso’s interactions with current and future customers.

Virtuoso and Definity First achieved to expand the use of the CRM system where information can load from any Virtuoso location. Now, Virtuoso’s CRM system provides exceptional usability, Virtuoso’s agents are familiar with the system features, and they can adapt and scale to meet customer needs. Virtuoso increased its service standards, customers are satisfied, and the customer service perception is better than ever before.

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