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Delivering the authentic Mexican flavors around the world.

GRUMA commercializes and produces corn and wheat flour products like tortilla, flatbreads, and wraps. MASECA and MISSION are GRUMA’s global brands operating in 101 production plants. GRUMA was rapidly expanding in Asia and Oceania, and there was a need to build a specific website for MISSION products in this region.

Definity First worked close with GRUMA’s IT and marketing department to develop the website. The objectives were to enhance brand recognition, promote product sales, and interact with users and consumers. It was important to consider globalization and localization aspects to adapt MISSION’s product variety for these countries.

GRUMA and Definity First built the website for Asia and Oceania in four different languages. It has two versions to target a wider market, one for food services and one for retail customers. GRUMA and Definity First included a recipes section where users and consumers can interact by reviewing, sharing and rating the recipes.

MISSION’s website for Asia and Oceania works as a Content Management System, GRUMA’s marketing department can easily customize and edit content to adapt the site to each country’s branding. The website was set up and deployed on Microsoft Azure’s online servers, bringing efficiency to its implementation and performance.

GRUMA and MISSION have now a website specifically tailored to their target market in Asia and Oceania. Website’s power users can directly change and edit content without depending on the IT department. GRUMA achieved to have more web presence and an effective promotion of MISSION products all over Asia and Oceania.

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